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No. 1 Exfoliate & Revitalize

No. 2 Rejuvenate & Regenerate


Podcast: 80 on the Dollar

Our founder, Mary, recently sat down to speak about her life as an international lawyer in Paris and London, alopecia areata, founding M F L O R E N S and what she means by F LIFE. Click the link below to listen.



"The best haircare to add to your arsenal for the glossiest, healthiest hair."


Cinnamon Mag

Dream Shelf: M F L O R E N S

"[T}his product is 100% the real deal and hands down one of my favorite holy grail products."



"This is hands down my most important holy-grail item...."


Green Beauty Leaders

"I will say SWAPPING TO THIS OIL HAS CHANGED MY LIFE – it is by far the best smelling and effective oil on the market.  Sustainability is at the foundational premise for  M Florens."



“The mask is insane, slept in it and did not want to wash it out. Once I washed it out, my hair has never felt more soft, less frizzy….” 

Model Carolyn Murphy @carolynmurphy

I want to share with everyone that I have had alopecia for several years of my life. Off and on for years. I have seen Dermatologists and been injected with cortisone and different chemicals such as steroids. Nothing has worked and stayed consistent. After trying this product for 9 months I had had full hair growth and stronger hair!! Thank you for a natural and beautiful solution!!!

Beti Jung

I tend to shy away from overly promo type posts here but when I find something truly life changing, I have to share. Let me introduce you to a new holy grail item called No. 1 by MFLORENS.

This cold pressed blend of nutrient rich active plant and botanical oils have done wonders for the growth and health of my hair.

Pretty Well Beauty

I can NEVER be without No. 1 now! I don’t know if I should hug you or scream! The obsession is SO REAL! 🙏🏽


I cannot wait to apply my mask tonight and go to sleep knowing the stress and damage my cells have taken all week are being healed, recharged and super-duper cleaned. One less thing for me to worry about and one more thing to feel really good about. Happy hair totally equals happy me.

56 year-old with very active lifestyle

This has quickly become the most essential part of my beauty routine. Can’t wait till the day of the week when I apply my mask, bask in the intoxicating scent and wash with invigoration. My entire scalp feels renewed and alive.


Everything you didn’t know you needed for your hair.


When I finally grasped that my hair grows out of my skin and that therefore hair care is skincare, I felt like hundreds of bulbs went off.


I just ordered another bottle of No. 1. I ran out last week, and I miss it SO much. I am a real minimalist, and I can make do without a lot of things. But, I cannot without this product.

It makes my hair feel and look incredible, which makes me feel and look incredible. Thank you, thank you!



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