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I want to share with everyone that I have had alopecia for several years of my life. Off and on for years. I have seen Dermatologists and been injected with cortisone and different chemicals such as steroids. Nothing has worked and stayed consistent. After trying this product for 9 months I had had full hair growth and stronger hair!! Thank you for a natural and beautiful solution!!!

Beti Jung

I tend to shy away from overly promo type posts here but when I find something truly life changing, I have to share. Let me introduce you to a new holy grail item called No. 1 by MFLORENS.

This cold pressed blend of nutrient rich active plant and botanical oils have done wonders for the growth and health of my hair.

Pretty Well Beauty

I can NEVER be without No. 1 now! I don’t know if I should hug you or scream! The obsession is SO REAL! 🙏🏽


I cannot wait to apply my mask tonight and go to sleep knowing the stress and damage my cells have taken all week are being healed, recharged and super-duper cleaned. One less thing for me to worry about and one more thing to feel really good about. Happy hair totally equals happy me.

56 year-old with very active lifestyle

This has quickly become the most essential part of my beauty routine. Can’t wait till the day of the week when I apply my mask, bask in the intoxicating scent and wash with invigoration. My entire scalp feels renewed and alive.


I would like to share my mother’s experience with this amazing product. She is in her 70s and had an extremely itchy, dry scalp for most of her life. After only using the mask twice, the dryness alleviated and subsequently the itchy scalp improved. She doesn’t use it overnight as the directions suggest but rather for a few hours before washing her hair once a week and still had amazing results. Need more now!


Everything you didn’t know you needed for your hair.


When I finally grasped that my hair grows out of my skin and that therefore hair care is skincare, I felt like hundreds of bulbs went off.


I just ordered another bottle of No. 1. I ran out last week, and I miss it SO much. I am a real minimalist, and I can make do without a lot of things. But, I cannot without this product.

It makes my hair feel and look incredible, which makes me feel and look incredible. Thank you, thank you!



Cinnamon Mag

Dream Shelf: M F L O R E N S

"[T}his product is 100% the real deal and hands down one of my favorite holy grail products."



"This is hands down my most important holy-grail item...."


Green Beauty Leaders

"I will say SWAPPING TO THIS OIL HAS CHANGED MY LIFE – it is by far the best smelling and effective oil on the market.  Sustainability is at the foundational premise for  M Florens."



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