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The beautifully bottled hair serum is made with more than fifty nutrient-rich botanicals that work synergistically to reduce inflammation and boost circulation. They also smell incredible.
The founder of MFLORENS developed the oil serums after suffering from a dramatic case of alopecia herself. Since many of us are new to scalp oil and the like, we asked her what we could expect from the product. She told us that users should expect “increased new hair growth after 8-12 weeks, a soothed, nourished and moisturized scalp and hair that is shinier, silkier and more voluminous.”
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Back to Basics with M F L O R E N S Scalp & Hair Care 

We are a very young brand but are intensely passionate about what we do, who we do it for, how we do it, and of course, why we do it. - Mary Arutyunyan
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Q&A with M F L O R E N S

Listen in to what expert Mary has to say about the effects of stress on sleep and ultimately on our scalp & hair conditions. From here own experience with stress related hair loss she created two hair serums that are made with the highest quality of ingredients. Take a pen&paper while you listen into my Q&A session with @mflorensofficial founder, talking about all things hair and sleep related. 
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111skin Journal: 5 Minutes With Syd Hayes 

SH: Where do we start! A key tip for me would be start at the beginning, your scalp like your skin is so important and during lockdown I found an incredible new scalp oil which helps with all hair growth and hair types – It’s called MFlorens
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I Asked 8 French Women to Spill the Contents of Their Beauty Vanities
Laurie Zanoletti: I use this hair oil on my roots twice a week, and I also leave it on my hair while I sleep.
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Green Climate Initiative charity, hair loss, alopecia

M F L O R E N S is a proud donor and member of ECOLOGI, committed to global forestation, reduce carbon pollution and footprint, offset carbon emissions and fund climate projects to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future. M F L O R E N S is also a donor and member of the SIERRA CLUB.
With each purchase, we are making positive strides toward a better future.
M F L O R E N S on Ecologi

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M F L O R E N S speaks to Abi's Journal about achieving the best scalp & hair, stress or no stress


M F L O R E N S speaks to Syd Hayes about hair loss (alopecia areata) and how to prevent it


Podcast, "80 On The Dollar," Episode 5 Mary Arutyunyan

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Description: In this episode, we talk to Mary Arutyunyan, founder of hair care company MFlorens. We’ve previously covered one of their scalp oils in our Dream Shelf column. Mary explains how her alopecia diagnosis affected every aspect of her life, including her career as a lawyer and her decision to become an entrepreneur. She opens up about her difficult journey trying to find a solution to her hair loss and the importance of organic and natural ingredients while formulating her hair care products. Plus, the "dark side" of wellness and vanity and why self-care is so important.

"Dream Shelf," by Cinnamon Magazine

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