The mask is insane, slept in it and did not want to wash it out. Once I washed it out, my hair has never felt more soft, less frizzy….” 
— Model Carolyn Murphy
I am M F L O R E N S’ number one, most loyal customer, always have been and always will be.
— M F L O R E N S founder, Mary

This is hands down my most important holy-grail item because ever since I chopped my hair off a couple of years ago, I have been desperate to grow it out. I massage a few drops on my scalp once per week and sleep with it overnight, and I swear my hair has grown like weeds in the past six months that I’ve been using it. I will never be without this product ever!
— Who What Wear

Recently, I experienced significant hair loss. I began using No. 2 religiously, and after 5-6 weeks, I noticed incredible growth, rather dense. I am sure that without it my hair loss would have been worst. It is now the most important part of my hair routine.
— Constance

I can NEVER be without No. 1 now! I don’t know if I should hug you or scream! The obsession is SO REAL! 🙏🏽
— Jazmin

By far, the best (and only...) self-care ritual that I will not skip!!! I will say SWAPPING TO [No. 1] HAS CHANGED MY LIFE — it is by far the best smelling and effective oil on the market.
— Maggie Mattuchio-Flynn

This cold pressed blend of nutrient rich active plant and botanical oils have done wonders for the growth and health of my hair. Thank you for all your diligence and efforts toward creating something so powerful, sustainable and effective! 💛💛💛
— Pretty Well Beauty

I just used M F L O R E N S No. 2 on my hair and my boyfriend’s. It feels like a new head of hair! Thank you for the amazing product. Obsessed 💜💜💜
— Kelly Peach

I want to share with everyone that I have had alopecia for several years of my life. Off and on for years. I have seen Dermatologists and been injected with cortisone and different chemicals such as steroids. Nothing has worked and stayed consistent. After trying this product for 9 months I had had full hair growth and stronger hair!! Thank you 🙏🏼 for a natural and beautiful solution!!!
— Beti Jung

Hair is fully restored!!!
— alopecia areata client (female, mid-30s, Korean-American)

Good morning. I saw my hairdresser yesterday and she was shocked at the difference on how my hair is growing. I told her about MFLORENS and she is 🙌🏻 super eager to get your product and share the great news with others. Thank you 🙏🏻 so much for all of your hard work and endeavors!!
— J.B.

Everything you didn’t know you needed for your hair.
— Madeleine

Even my hairdresser is marveling at my shinier, healthier hair. I let him in on my M F L O R E N S obsession!”
— S

I am a professional hairstylist with many years of experience. I have tested and tried many products during my career.. This product does what it says in a way that is nourishing and progressive.. I think making this product part of a daily hair regime will bring about incredible results ..
— LA-based hairstylist

I get this URGE. Like thirst. I know it’s time for my mask when I get the urge. My scalp begins to crawl and my hair wilts without it. Afterwards, I get compliments on my hair wherever I go.
— P.T.

Never thought I’d say this, but I’m obsessed with my hair! Feels healthier, shinier, like a halo on my head! A gift from the hair gods - thanks MFLORENS.
— Kat

The results were so encouraging..,my entire hair felt thicker, more lustrous, some how heavier but easier to control.
— Wild-haired Yogi (London/LA)

[My son] has dreadlocks. His hair is long and thick but he jumped on the product once he smelt it and said he wanted oil to soften his hair.. I told him how to apply and he did for one week everyday. Applying into the root area and massaging it in through the mid Peggy’s and ends (to add mistime through out). His hair looked shiny, healthier and was curlier at the roots - this suggested to me that the moisture from the product can also help rejunivate dry hair while it stimulates growth of new hair.
— mother of 15 year-old boy

I would like to share my mother’s experience with this amazing product. She is in her 70s and had an extremely itchy, dry scalp for most of her life. After only using the mask twice, the dryness alleviated and subsequently the itchy scalp improved. She doesn’t use it overnight as the directions suggest but rather for a few hours before washing her hair once a week and still had amazing results. Need more now!
— Ellen

I cannot wait to apply my mask tonight and go to sleep knowing the stress and damage my cells have taken all week are being healed, recharged and super-duper cleaned. One less thing for me to worry about and one more thing to feel really good about. Happy hair totally equals happy me.
— life-long hair lover, now in late 50s

I just ordered another bottle of No. 1. I ran out last week, and I miss it SO much. I am a real minimalist, and I can make do without a lot of things. But, I cannot without this product. It makes my hair feel and look incredible. which makes me feel and look incredible. Thank you, thank you!
— Jennifer B.

Best feeling when you have the mask on while working out. I have seen a difference in my scalp after washing my hair. Love my results ❤️❤️
— Nona B.

The product is not only of superior quality and made with sustainable materials, the packaging is SO CHIC.
— Pretty Well Beauty

This has quickly become the most essential part of my beauty routine. I eagerly look forward to applying my mask, luxuriating in the intoxicating scent and washing with invigoration. My entire scalp & hair feel renewed and alive.
— G.M.

O B S E S S E D. Simply obsessed with M F L O R E N S. I feel covered in luxurious, nourishing love when I wear it. That’s exactly what my scalp, hair and I need — always, really.
— grateful cancer survivor

It’s difficult to grasp that the most complex issues have the simplest solutions. I’ve been using your product for almost a year now and it’s made tremendous changes in how I approach my hair care, which never before included the scalp. It turns out that was the most integral part. Thank you again and again.
— Elle

I gave my girlfriend a bottle of No. 1, and this what she texted me back: "The hair oil you gave me is magic!"
— Connie

[M]eet the magical hair oil that’s going to become one of your holy grail products if you have hair issues, scalp problems, growth issues, or just want to improve the health and length of your hair ... whose ingredients are as clean as they come, and is absolutely beautiful and effective to boot. just look at that packaging!
— Cinnamon Magazine