Recommended Ways To Use Our Scalp & Hair Serum Masks

Recommended Ways To Use Our Scalp & Hair Serum Masks

There are at least three ways M F L O R E N S recommends using the active botanical scalp & hair masks for maximum impact and results.

For use as multi-correctional scalp & hair treatment masks to exfoliate, cleanse, stimulate, condition, moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate and impart shine. Working in sections, liberally drop oil directly on the scalp and roots. Gently work the oil in and tap to stimulate the scalp. Apply to hair ends as desired. For deeper-mask penetration, warm treated scalp briefly with hairdryer to quickly activate the mask. Hold the blowdryer 15cm from the hair for optimal heat performance. Thoroughly shampoo scalp & hair with warm water, finish with a cold rinse.

  • Overnight treatment mask—Apply the mask as suggested above before bedtime. To avoid transferring the mask onto your pillowcase, you may use a head-wrap or place a towel on your pillow. As you unwind and fall asleep to relaxing French lavender and West African baobab, the mask will work to exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate scalp and roots. Wash the following day.  It is generally safe to leave the mask on for up to 12 hours or more. Each individual should assess their own sensitivities and tolerances.
  • Hot oil treatment—Apply  mask as suggested above whenever it is most suitable for you, allowing it to stay on for at least 30 minutes. Used in this way, it is imperative to apply heat via a blowdryer or head-wrap. Hold the blowdryer 15cm from the hair for optimal heat performance. This method can as easily be used at a salon treatment or on the go during the day, pre-workout, pre-errands, pre-job. Wash afterwards.
  • Dry scalp treatment — For those with excessively dry, itchy and sensitive scalp, dab a little bit on your fingertips and gently tap on your scalp. The rich, nutrient-dense formulations will soothe and balance your skin for a glowing scalp.
  • Final grooming aid on wet hair— For hair that is very difficult to brush and tame après-shampooing, warm a few drops between hands and very lightly running hands through the hair. A little goes a long way to help protect the hair from breakage and protein loss due to harsh combing/brushing.

Lastly, consistency of use determines outcome and satisfaction.  With repeated twice weekly use, cumulative results will begin to grow. We cannot stress regular use enough  akin to brushing one's teeth, bathing, exercising.

In light of the above, we invite you to modify and adapt the mask to your needs and constraints.  What is most important is that you use the mask with regularity. 

Note to alopecia areata clients: In addition to the above, apply lightly to the bald area every day. Please refrain from touching the affected area at any other time.

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