Anti-Inflammatory Scalp & Hair Care

Anti-Inflammatory Scalp & Hair Care

Inflammation—chronic, pervasive, deadly—is a leading cause of hair loss and scalp problems:

Inflammation commonly arises as a result of the stresses and environmental toxins of modern life, think: PHYSICAL factors (injury, dirt, pollution), BIOLOGICAL factors (microbes, stress, immune reactions due to hypersensitivity), CHEMICAL factors (chemical irritants, toxins, alcohol, diet) and PSYCHOLOGICAL factors (stress, anxiety).  In other words, it arises from environmental toxicity, pollution, internal and external stressors, bodily imbalances and increasingly hectic pace of modern life.

Limited occasions of inflammation are a natural and necessary bodily response, however, chronic inflammation, which our modern way of life perpetuates, is deadly—leading to enormous free radical damage, tissue destruction, fibrosis, necrosis (cellular death) and a host of other destructive conditions. Namely, it damages and destroys DNA and cellular function, leading to hair loss, alopecia areata, balding, graying, dull, dry scalp & hair.

As a preventative and curative matter, it is essential to treat and nourish the scalp and follicles with rich, powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients.  The star ingredients in our active botanical scalp & hair masks are among nature’s most potent actives to relieve and preempt inflammation and free radical damage to restore optimal cellular functions. Moreover, the masks are formulated to restore blood and nutrient flow to the follicles and roots.

Cellular repair, rejuvenation and revitalization will reflect in thicker, shinier hair.

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