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Organic Matter

Organic Matter

Nature creates all living matter and holds the master reset key: to bask in its healing, revitalizing and strengthening goodness is to experience rebirth. The foundational building blocks of the botanical world and human body are richly and intricately unified. At M F L O R E N S, we believe that science holds the key for utilizing all-natural, full-spectrum botanical nutrients to transform the health and growth of your scalp & hair. Toxic habits and patterns cause the body to release damaging chemicals and hormones that quite literally destroy cells. Consider M F L O R E N S the antidote and therapy in a bottle. 

Our active botanical scalp & hair masks contain the highest levels of phyto-nutrients, essential vitamins, and trace-minerals delivered through the rich foundation oils. The targeted high-performance botanicals and essential oils are combined to perfection using our proprietary process. The result is a performance-driven, multi-correctional botanical mask teaming with a potent cocktail of scalp & hair nourishing actives that penetrate to the cellular level. All of this helps your scalp & hairs’ own natural ability to fight increasingly premature aging; stimulate cellular turnover for regrowth; revive weak and dormant hair follicles; maintain scalp balance; strengthen and dilate capillaries for proper nutrient and oxygen delivery; and protect against free-radical damage.

The serum masks will work from deep within to heal, rejuvenate and fortify hair follicles, stopping hair loss, reviving compromised roots and generating new growth. At M F L O R E N S, we believe that nature speaks the language of the human body—a native tongue of sorts—and contains critical solutions to support and rejuvenate it. Our creations are methodically formulated to symbiotically work with your cells to purify, exfoliate, revive and restore scalp & hair to optimal health. Experience their natural wonder for yourself.

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