Antioxidants: A Primer

Antioxidants: A Primer

Have you ever wondered why we need ANTIOXIDANTS? We did, and we are sharing our findings.

Atoms (the tiny building blocks of everything) have electrons whizzing around in little clouds and electrons prefer to be in pairs. Sometimes, though, something happens that takes an electron away from its partner—that’s how you get a free radical, i.e. an atom or a molecule with a lone, rogue electron. That something is called oxidative stress from toxins, chemicals, pollutants, other environmental and dietary factors, aging, and UV rays that degrade the health of your scalp & hair. .

Free radicals are constantly trying to get another electron to come join them, which means free radicals can do a lot of damage inside your body.  Stealing electrons from other molecules, whether they be DNA or proteins, alters those structures and therefore alters their function. Almost all inflammation in your body involves free radical production, which is one reason that chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of diseases, including hair loss and alopecia areata.

Antioxidants perform the crucial function of donating an electron to a free radical, effectively neutralizing it. Whole foods are the best source of the perfect balance of antioxidants, which processed ingredients completely lack.  That is why M F L O R E N S is entirely and unwaveringly committed to the finest, whole, all-natural botanical ingredients. The natural, rejuvenating ingredients in our active botanical serums—which are super high in antioxidants, including vitamins A (retinol, carotene), B, C, D, E and phytonutrients—have been shown to support and boost the body’s natural defenses against these effects and reverse them.

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