Ingredients: Wood of the Gods

Ingredients: Wood of the Gods

Cedrus Deodara (Cedarwood) is so revered and exalted, it is called the “Wood of the Gods” in Sanskrit.

At M F L O R E N S, our formulations are richly infused with this most transformative of natural ingredients.  We source our Cedarwood from the Himalayas, where the bark and twigs of the actual cedar tree are steam-distilled to obtain the therapeutic oil.  In contrast, much of what passes as Cedarwood oil does not come from true cedar but some other evergreen tree.  We are incredibly proud to have built and earned our clients’ trust and confidence to use and produce only the finest, highest-caliber ingredients, materials and processes.

Cedarwood contains powerful astringents that minimize pores and by doing so prevent unwanted dirt, dead skin, oil and toxins from building up so as not to weaken roots and cause hair loss.  Astringents also promote a more balanced scalp for those who have oily skin & hair.

The majority of cedarwood oil consists of what are known as sesquiterpenoids.  These are similar to the molecules in ginger and anise and are believed to be responsible for their health-promoting qualities.  Sesquiterpenoids are small molecular compounds that can easily penetrate into the dermis, where the follicles and roots are found, and work from deep within to improve scalp & hair. 

Did we mention how divine the wood of the gods smells?  Extremely.  In aromatherapy it is used to calm, soothe and keep away negative thoughts.  What's not to love?


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