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Essence of M F L O R E N S

Essence of M F L O R E N S
Flōrēns is a Latin word meaning: blooming, blossoming, flowering, flourishing, prospering, abounding. We think it represents the best of all there is in life.  In mind, in body, in spirit, in soul, in relationships, in finances, in generosity, in hope and in love.  It is both reality and aspiration. M is the first initial of our founder Mary, who battled alopecia areata, and it conveys the deeply personal and passionate standards we bring to bear on everything we do. We are guided solely by excellence in all that we do, sharply focused on performance and uncompromising quality to make the finest scalp & hair care in the world.

Designed to deliver multi-correctional, remarkable results, M F L O R E N S scalp & hair care is rooted in timeless knowledge and modern advances in science and technology. From sourcing the world’s most nutrient-rich ingredients to weeks-long formulation processes that honor their powerful properties, we are committed to delivering the highest level of scalp & hair transformation and results possible.

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