S E R I E S: treat your scalp & hair like your skin

S E R I E S: treat your scalp & hair like your skin
The scalp is an extension of your facial skin out of which your hair grows, and it desperately requires exfoliating, detoxifying, cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, rejuvenating and antiaging care like your skin.

The scalp is daily ravaged by chemicals, hair products and treatments, dirt, pollution, sun damage, dead skin, buildup and microorganisms—all of which prematurely and aggressively cause damage at the cellular level, leading to dull, brittle, falling hair.

Like your facial skin (on which you spend countless dollars and hours), the scalp is susceptible to internal, external and environmental stressors, yet practically nothing is done on a regular, ritualistic basis to care for it.

Our super-concentrated, complete-nutrition botanical scalp & hair masks is brimming with hundreds of actives, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients that will seamlessly work with your cells to repair, revitalize and regenerate.
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