Scalp & Hair Care: Universal & Cellular

Scalp & Hair Care: Universal & Cellular

Scalp & hair care is skincare, that beautiful living organ that extends all over the body, even if unseen beneath one’s hair. Designed through the prism of skincare (targeting living cells and tissue within the scalp), our formulations target scalp & hair care at the core. The scalp & hair are subject to the same damaging and destructive factors as the skin: premature aging, free radicals, inflammation, imbalances, sun, internal and external stressors, environmental pollution, toxins, chemicals, sebum/oil, sweat, dirt, microbes, etc.


In your skincare and fitness routines there are undoubtedly essentials to achieve great results. Your scalp, which is skin, requires the same. M F L O R E N S has developed an active botanical scalp & hair treatment mask suitable for the needs of your scalp & hair. It is a powerful, nutrient-dense formula to address the main culprits behind: hair loss and thinning, including alopecia areata, dull and damaged hair, itchy, flaky, dry or oily scalp.

 Our active botanical scalp & hair mask is a multi-correctional, performance-driven formula, which marries clean beauty and science, to restore scalp & hair health from the cellular level. Its all-natural nutrient-rich ingredients will exfoliate, cleanse and balance, while repairing, rejuvenating and regenerating at the cellular level for naturally lush, shiny hair. 

Frequent, regular use - like for the face and body - is necessary for long-lasting results. It will become an absolute must in your scalp & hair routine once you experience the deep cleansing, rejuvenating and reparative effects of this intensive treatment mask which goes to work from the cellular level to eliminate toxins, fortify, regrow and soothe your scalp & hair. Results are cumulative and amplify over time.

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