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Sun, Scalp & Hair the Botanical Way

Sun, Scalp & Hair the Botanical Way

The sun is constantly working against your scalp & hair, whether on summer holidays, outdoor workouts or events, or the cumulative exposure from daily life. Photo-aging from sun damage is among the leading causes of cellular breakdown and premature aging in the scalp & hair, much like the rest of the face and body, and leads to hair loss, thinning, flakiness, sensitivity, and other scalp conditions. Sun exposure denatures the proteins in your hair leading to protein loss and dry, frizzy and breakage-prone hair. Over time, the cumulative impact on the way your scalp & hair looks, feels and regenerates is tremendously harmful.

Short of avoiding the sun, you are not defenseless. Fortunately, there are effective ways to protect, repair and rejuvenate your scalp & hair (think skincare, don’t stop at the forehead). Both No. 1 and No. 2 are high in natural SPF, derived from plants, which have evolved their own ingenious ways of warding off the sun. Post-sun exposure, treat your scalp & hair to gentle, enzymatic exfoliants, healing anti-inflammatories and soothing hydration. Rejuvenating phytonutrients and balancing actives repair and reverse the effects of sun damage, leaving scalp & hair revitalized and more shiny, voluminous and strong no matter what your age.

When the time comes to bask in the sun, don’t leave home without M F L O R E N S. We have harnessed the reparative, protective and shielding powers of the botanical world against the sun, using nature’s ingenious ways of doing so developed over millennia. For your most youthful, vibrant scalp & hair, borrow from nature as formulated in our masks.

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