Scalp & Hair Care Led By Science

Scalp & Hair Care Led By Science

Ricinus Communis (CASTOR) Seed Oil is composed of 80 – 90% ricinoleic acid (if cold pressed), which is what makes it unique from other plant oils.  A recent study found that ricinoleic acid obstructs prostaglandin d2, a type of fatty acid that is believed to contribute to hair loss.  By slowing down prostaglandin d2, hair loss decreases.

M F L O R E N S has scoured the globe to bring you the finest CASTOR seed oil available: naturally grown, cold-pressed and cold-processed.  To extract the richest, most therapeutic oil from the CASTOR seed is a delicate and laborious undertaking, which a rare few undertake.  We partner and work only with those whom we trust to deliver exceedingly superior ingredients for each M F L O R E N S bottle.

Owing to the incomparably high fatty acid content of the CASTOR seed, it is imperative to cold press and cold process it to derive the oil.  Otherwise, it is denatured and  harmful to use.  If your CASTOR oil does not specify both, it is neither.

M F L O R E N S CASTOR is perfect in its integrity and active therapeutic continent: cold-pressed and cold-processed. We hold ourselves to the most demanding technical, qualitative and ethical standards. And our defining, performance-driven products show that.

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